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Wedding Photographer Devon // Sunset Shoot on Exmoor

A Pre-Wedding Shoot with Alex & James

Tarr Steps, Exmoor

Sometimes the stars align and a photo shoot just goes perfectly. This was one of those photo shoots. Being a wedding photographer, it’s amazing when you get to view new locations. Exmoor, in Devon was new to me and it was stunning.

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I’m shooting Alex & James’ wedding in November this year but they wanted to meet up before and get in front of the camera before the big day. So, we emailed back and forth a few locations and we decided on Tarr Steps, Devon. This very near to where James grew up and also where they brought their Dog, Paddy soon after they had got him.

Wedding Photographer Devon

We started off with the steps themselves and then went on a good walk round the woods finding some delicious pockets of light just peaking through the trees. Alex & James also bought along their dogs Max & Paddy for the adventure, and they absolutely nailed it!

We started the session at about 6:30pm which gave us plenty of time as sunset wasn’t until 9:32 (to be precise!). We wandered around the woods and then headed up to the top of the hill to capture some of that golden loveliness.

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As we looked out across the fields on Exmoor, we couldn’t help but be reminded of the gorgeous colours of the Lion King. Natuarally James decided to lift up Paddy just like the iconic scene. You’ve got to have a laugh haven’t you?

If you’d like to book a pre-wedding or engagement session then I’d love to hear from you. I’d love to hear about your favourite places too so just Get in touch and let’s get this party started!